Ordering Process
We according to customer needs, providing tailored services, design laminating equipment of satisfying requirements.

Customer intends to entrust laminating equipment production, first sending email or calling for the initial communication.
Communications include the following conditions; the specifications and characteristics of cloth fabrics and place of application.

Discussions include the way of commission, delivery date, standard request, shipment way…etc.

According to customer requirements of laminating equipment and agreement of cooperation affairs, we propose quotation to customers.
Based on product design, manufacturing technology and engineering change, installation and test including the cost of transportation and accommodation of engineers, the quotation are presented to customers.
Payment term is T/T in advance or irrevocable letter of credit, paid by three times; the first payment is down payment, the second payment is before the shipment and the third payment is after acceptance. If both of buyer and seller degree the terms and conditions, then the agreement is completed and sign contract.

We according to the requirement listed on the contract to manufacture laminating equipment.

After completing the manufacture of laminating equipment, the machine is shipped to the location designated by customer, installing and executing function test of machine, if the test results match the standard of acceptance, then the acceptance procedure is completed.
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