LF-220-N Operation Procedures ( Video )
LF series Laminating Machines all utilize tension controller as for tension control and motor-driven for rewinding and unwinding process, having outstanding performance with precise laminating process, which are especially suitable for industrial fabric and functional fabric laminating.
Unwinding and Rewinding units
  All the Unwinding and Rewinding units (“A” material, “B” material and Film) are equipped with Tension Control System and Edge Position Control System, which make the material surface be flat and edge be aligned in the process of unwinding and rewinding.
Tension Control System

Tension controller(Left Fig.) with tension detector(Right Fig.) could be set up different tension value according to different characteristic of tensile of various of fabrics, and fast responding to fabric tension variation and adjust motor speed or brake to make the tension of fabric rewinding or unwinding be stable.

Edge Position Control System

Electronic type P.I.D Edge Detection Sensor, which detects edge position of cloth fabric and pass the detected signal to Edge position control mechanism (Left Fig.) Oil-cylinder and twin-wheels type edge position control mechanism, which controls cloth fabric’s alignment in cloth-roll transportation ( Right Fig.).

Heating-roller mechanism ( Option )

In the cold environment, the heating-roller mechanism heats fabric to enhance the laminating quality after completing coating process.
The inside of heating-roller is passed through high-temperature oil, around roller is covered with Teflon materials, and installed with Teflon outer-belt, the Teflon material could keep temperature uniform and stable.

The second Laminating-Roller ( Option )

The cloth fabric completed coating procedure pass through between the second Laminating-Roller and outer-belt, cloth fabric is heated and pressed, make the coating and laminating be more close, solid and uniform. Especially, the second Laminating-Roller module significantly enhances the quality of coating and laminating in the cold-environment operation.
The inside of roll of the second Laminating-Roller module is passed through high-temperature oil, around roller is covered with Teflon materials, and installed with Teflon outer-belt, the Teflon material could keep temperature uniform and stable.
Coated cloth fabric could also select that don’t pass through the second Laminating-Roller, and the second Laminating-Roller won’t be activated.

Model No.
System data
Mechanic data
Electric data
Gravure roller's Specifications
Gravure roll’s surface of laminating machine can be processed by laser to made a variety of patterns, which could ensure that the layer of adhesive remains open or discontinuous, avoiding adhesive overflow in laminating process, the principle of gravure roller is similar to the printing technology, a good pattern design of gravure roller can make fabric coating and laminating be well. Hong-Cheng Technology provides series of gravure roller’s pattern design, which can help customers to decide his first or new gravure roller of laminating machine, which was just bought from us.
Machine's color selection

The machine's color could be assigned by customer, or assigned by the following popular color cards.

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