The Laminating Machines of Hong-Cheng use Moisture Reactive Hot-melt Adhesive to laminate fabric with thin film for creating many kinds of functional cloth products. The fabrics materials could be laminated are: Woven Fabrics, Knitted Fabrics, Non-Woven Fabrics and many Polymers / Elastomers.
Product Performance
After years of development and enhancement, the performance of Hong-Cheng Technology PUR Hot-Melt Laminating Machines are outstanding and are summarized in the following :
Production flow is simplified.
Mechanical motion is accurate.
Mechanism and Electric control are integrated into a cabinet, panel control is easy, saving human and time costs.
Micro-Tension Control capability could increase the kinds of cloth fabric, which can be processed (Coating & Laminating).
Taking up cloth fabric directly, and make operation has high-flexibility.
Switching cloth fabric quickly, and reduce the lead time of operation.
Modular design, mechanism is simple and maintenance is easy.
.High stability and reliability, low production cost.
Laminating process illustration
There are three kinds of laminating process, which are listed below :

(1) Laminating fabric to fabric.
(2) Laminating fabric to thin film.
(3) Laminating fabric to thin film first, and then to fabric.

(1) Laminating fabric to film
(2) Laminating fabric to fabric
(3) Laminating fabric to thin film first, and then to fabric (“Sandwich” structure)
Laminating Creating Functional Cloths

Our laminating machines could be applied to many industries need to laminating, for example, textile products, and leisure products, building materials,cap strip, shoe materials, car interior materials and electrical appliances, medical materials.

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